• Mr. Barry Van Stone:

    When I recently saw Samara’s work for the first time, I made significant investment in her art because of her uniqueness of her expression.
    In fact, one of the pieces is in a completely new subject area for my personal collection because of her ability to capture a moment so exquisitely.
    Mr. Barry Van Stone
    Yorkton Securities, Inc.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Jackie Dailey:

    I have an orginial print of Samara’s “Dark Knight”…A black wolf head It’s amazing.

  • katrina:

    Hi Samara,
    Long time no see, or hear from. This is Katrina, the “Wolf Lady” that brought in Mesa, and Wolfy, etc., and that you painted some of your pictures from. When I was at the West Ed Mall one night, you sold a painting of a black wolf, with a bird flying behind and overhead. What was the name of that painting? I believe it had “Lady” in the title.
    Anyhow, would like to hear how you are faring. Do take care and hope to hear from you soon.
    (Not with Don McMahon any longer. He got on drugs, and that was about it…)

  • Yvonne:

    I found a lovely 9 x 12 painting by Samara Carrier at a market … it is signed by her but nothing else …I can’t find it on her list of photos … it has mountains on the right and a smaller one to the left with water and trees in front of it … can you give me some info please … thx.

  • Bill Moore:

    Hi Samara, just wanted to let you know, we have a painting of yours with your signature, with the date of 74. I have a picture of it, but can’t send it using this reply service. It’s a scene of a pond with trees along the edge of the shore line, done in red, orange , yellow colors. It looks like a very brilliant sunset glow or after a forest fire. We have enjoyed it over the years & had purchased it in Cranbrook, BC in 74 at a art gallery. Also, it’s in a very ornate hand craved frame made of dark wood. Hope to hear from you…..Bill M.

    • Thank You Bill, I am glad you are enjoying your sunset painting from 1974 and trust you will enjoy it for many glorious years to come

  • Robert Smith:

    In 1976 while on my honeymoon visiting Banft,I noticed a young lady painting and I asked her(Samara) if she would paint two pictures for me – one 3ft x 2ft of a lake near Lake Louise (moraine Lake)and one approx 18 x 22 of the Rockies.I also bought several small ones that I no longer have. They were spectacular and have always been a focal point in my home ever since. I always remember the painter( Samara)- as beautiful as all her paintings…..Bob S

  • Yvonne:

    Around six years ago I bought a paint , is signed for you , from 73 , a pot with flowers , and has something signed in the back to…I am so happy.

  • Susanna:

    Hi Samara;

    I have a piece of art which I believe is from you. It is a white owl with beautiful blue matting. The piece has a name plate Wise Eyes by Samara. I fell in love with it and purchased it a few years ago. I just wanted to confirm it is one of your pieces.

    All the best…Susanna

  • Lynne Hergott:

    I found a piece of art framed with a wolf and two puppies amongst a lost family members belongings, the signature is Samara but what year it was made and if there’s any value for insurance perposes we should be aware of.

  • Denise Brosseau:

    Had a great stay at manor and was given a free card that was elegantly done a big thanks for the great experience and time at the manor!!

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