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Grand Gallery Kelowna

Sample of Samara's Visions Kelowna Grand Gallery

Sample of Samara’s Visions Kelowna Grand Gallery

  • Cornelia:

    How much are Samara’s paintings (oil, large) of her wildlife? Cornelia

  • Roberta:

    Do you sell Prints,Robert Bateman,Bev Doolittle, Judy Larson,and more?

    • we don’t have any of those artists work available, but I did see some Batemans and Doolittles in Costco not long ago. Maybe try

  • Melanie Byrne:

    Dear Samara,
    Samara i bought Limited Edition, signed prints of Lucan and Clemantine from Brian and Margerite Byrne. I am their former daughter-in-law. I was married to their son Patrick Byrne but we are now divorced. Samara could you please tell me what these 2 prints are worth now? I am not wanting to sell them at this time as I love them and have had them since 1993.

    Melanie Byrne

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