About Samara


As both an apprentice of Gertrude Keen and one of only a handful of serious students accepted by Loren Adams, Samara has invested the time necessary to develop fully her extensive talents.   

Her landscapes convey the serene beauty, the rugged intensity, and the bouquet of colors paraded there on a daily basis. Through Samara’s Visions, you can immerse yourself in the grandeur of some of the most magnificent scenery on our planet.   

As the daily, natural lighting changes in your room, so too does the lighting in Samara’s art. At night, you can create the same effect with controlled lighting (track lighting, dimmer switches, and so on) to more accurately reflect your mood.   

Landscapes are an intriguing subject matter to Samara because of the ever changing lighting. As a result, there is a difficulty of translating that lighting and its associated feeling to canvas. Not only is it very important to her that her translation be as accurate as possible, but Samara has given each of her works a rare quality that allows you to follow the natural lighting of a scene.   

Known throughout Western Canada as “The Wolf Lady,” Samara has long been a supporter of the wolf, through Wolf Haven International and other wolf-oriented organizations. Wolves are a lifelong mission to Samara. As a teenager, a wolf saved her from a potentially life- threatening situation.   

She has sketched and painted wolves ever since, long before the current popularity of wolves began. As a result, Samara has over 500 wolf originals, numerous additional original hand-pulled serigraphs, as well as limited edition lithographs. Her collection is the largest artistic study of the wolf ever done and is an ongoing “work in progress”.   

Whether it is from her early life experience or not, Samara has a special connection with the wolf that is clear in each rendering’s personality.   



By Divine Appointment

By Divine Appointment